eDPx  to MIPI/eDP1.4/DP1.2
eDPx to MIPI/eDP1.4/DP1.2

eDPx Receiver 

1/2/4/8 configurable data lanes 

Input data rate is up to 3.75Gbps 

Support 6bit,8bit,10bit color depth 

eDP/DP Transmitter 

Compliant with VESA eDP1.4/DP 1.2

Support 1.62/2.7/5.4 Gbps per lane 

Support 1/2/4 lanes

Dual-Port MIPI DSI/CSI Transmitter

Compliant with DCS1.1, D-PHY1.2, DSI1.3 and CSI-2 1.3 

1/2 configurable port number 

1 clock lane and 1/2/3/4 configurable data lanes per port 

80Mbps~2Gbps per data lane

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